Welcome to Trinity Presbyterian Church!

TrinityLocated in southeastern Cherokee County, Georgia between Canton, Cumming, Milton, and Alpharetta, Trinity Presbyterian Church is in the heart of the northern Atlanta suburbs. We are a small church of around 50 families, but just like the Atlanta area, we are growing every day. Trinity prides itself on being a closely knit family dedicated to the worship and study of the Lord. We are a family made up of young and old; speaking both in terms of age as well as in terms of time residing in Georgia. As our family and our facilities continue to grow we are committed to maintaining our family-feel because that is what makes Trinity a truly special place to praise and serve God! So at Trinity it doesn’t matter how old you are, where you live, or how long you’ve lived there–you’ll fit in. Whether you are driving, cycling, or walking by, you are ALWAYS WELCOME to join us!

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